Is plate smashing a talent? We’re not inclined to think so, but coupled with the bouzouki, Cypriot entertainer Haralambos, going by the name of Bambas, has proven otherwise.

The British Cypriot took to the stage of Britain’s Got Talent (BGT), starting off by engaging the judges by handing out plates to each of them.

He then kicked off playing the bouzouki, singing and dancing on stage, bringing the unmistakable kefi to the stage, and subsequently screen.

The judges didn’t shy away from getting involved, throwing and smashing their plates, and then proceeding to join Bambas on the stage.

Things then intensified with Bambas balancing a row of glasses on top of his head, one containing fire eventually falling on the stage. Luckily hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly were standing by, spotted the fire, and came to the rescue, promptly putting it out.

The unique performance was popular with the audience, getting them out of their seats and on their feet dancing, and more importantly with the judges, gaining Bambas four ‘yes’ responses across the board.

“We are used to all sorts happening on the show,” a source from BGT told the Daily Mirror. “But this really was the most crazy audition we have ever seen.”

Bambas is not the first Cypriot to impress the BGT judges.

Demetri Demetriou together and his son Michalakis ‘Lagi’ Demetriou, also known as ‘Stavros Flatley’, famously wowed audiences in 2009 with their dance routine.

Watch Bambas’ full audition here: