After a long time in development, Google has finally launched Google Drive, a cloud-based service that offers multi-platform file storage as well as a collaborative environment that allows users to simultaneously work on documents.

Sounds familiar? Well, that’s no surprise because it is essentially an enhanced version of Google docs. Other services have been on offer for years. Think Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive or their elitist cousin Apple iCloud – that isn’t much use to anyone without an iOS device.
Features available are an Android app, an upcoming iPad and iPhone app, and Windows and Mac integration where your files show up as a folder on your desktop. Sounds almost exactly like Dropbox. With 5GB available for free, however, that’s one up from Dropbox’s 2GB allowance.

And Gmail users will be able to get on Google Drive in several clicks.
It’s worth noting that, whilst you retain intellectually property over your material, anything you store on Google Drive can be used by Google in any way it pleases (fairly standard) and you’ve already agreed to something like this with your Gmail account. So perhaps it’s wise to avoid uploading any sensitive material, though your family holiday snaps aren’t going to be of much importance to them anyway.