“Pack your bags MTV, we’re going to Mykonos. Get ready!”, Lindsay Lohan tells her fans on a teaser video announcing her new reality TV venture.

The controversial celebrity’s new show titled Lohan Beach Club is said to be in the vein of the Vanderpump Rules series, according to a report on Entertainment Tonight.

Li-Lo will be assessing and leading a group of brand ambassadors as they help her launch her newest of nightclubs in Greece.

The star has been successfully managing her namesake club in the heart of Athens for well over a year, while Mykonos based Lohan Beach Club has been attracting a parade of international and local celebrities since its opening this summer.

The show is already being filmed and it chronicles the actress’s exploits at her beach side party paradise in her favourite country, Greece.

“People have this idea that everything around me is chaos. I don’t want this idea of me that’s been going on.”

“I want to focus on what I really want to be doing right now and I think that’s important… to me…,” added Lohan who is also planning to open another nightspot in Rhodes and is currently setting up Lohan island in Dubai.