The Municipality of Peristeri in Athens, in collaboration with the city’s Baker’s Union baked off a record long vasilopita to welcome 2019.

On December 30, 2018, in a public ceremony that took place outside the Peristeri Town Hall Square and the local Metro Station a 240 square metre large Vasilopita was cut by Mayor Andreas Pachatouridis and served to thousands of citizens that gathered to taste the delicious cake.

In the 3,500 kilo heavy vasilopita, artisans from over 30 local bakeries had hidden 200 lucky coins.

The longest vasilopita ever baked to this day rook 1,200 kilos of flour, 600 kilos of margarine, 470 kilos of sugar, 440 kilos of yoghurt, 160 kilos of powdered sugar, 60 kilos of baking powder, 470 eggs, 750 oranges, 40 litres of sunflower oil, 60 litres of cognac and 1.5 boxes of vanilla powder.