The announcement of Greece’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest for this year was to have taken place on January 31.The Greek State and Television Network (ERT), however, has delayed its announcement for later in the week.

The Greek Eurovision fan club issued a statement pointing to legal issues within the committee as cause for the delay: “Judicial matters need to be resolved before the committee makes its announcement of the representative at this year’s Eurovision.”

The announcement is expected to take place over the next week, and it is hoped that the song and other details concerning the Greek entry will also be given at this time.

Semi-final allocation

The Semi-Final Allocation Draw for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Tel Aviv this week.

The allocation draw, along with the Host City Insignia Exchange are key events in the preparation of Eurovision. A special ceremony presented by Assi Azar and Loucy Ayoub saw Deputy Mayor of Lisbon, Duare Cordeiro, pass on the Host City Insignia to Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv, making Israel the official Host City of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Countries drawn for the first semi-finals include Greece, Cyprus and Australia. They are to perform on May 14 with Slovenia, Esthonia, Belarus, Portugal, the Czech Republic, San Marino, Montenegro, Iceland, Georgia, Serbia, Finland, Belgium, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary,

Spain, France and Israel will vote in the first semi-finals.

The second semi-finals take place on May 16. Finals will take place on May 18.