Greek police interviewed former Commancheros bikie boss Amad “Jay” Malkoun following a car bomb that targetted him in the upmarket suburb of Glyfada.

The police are examining whether the attack that took place on Monday morning was ordered from Australia.

The daylight hit took place outside Mega Gym where Malkoun works out every day. He went to the gym after taking his children to school. His white Mercedes with Australian registration exploded just after he started the ignition.

Forensic reports showed traces of dynamite under the wheel that has lead the police to believe that somebody may have been following Malkoun prior to the bombing. CCTV footage of the crime scene is being investigated.

The explosion caused damage to cars around the Mercedes, however Malkoun was dragged to safely and survived the attack though he is in a serious condition following two surgeries.

The explosion happened at the same gym where notorious Sydney gangland figure John Macris had worked out before he was executed in October 2018. He had been gunned down in the same suburb and left behind his wife, former playmate model and reality TV star Viktoria Karida, and two children. Police have yet to rule out a connection between the two attacks.

Unlike Macris, Malkoun had no visible business interests in Greece and there is still yet no known link between the two apart from the coincidence of the location and criminal background.