This pita is made in individual servings and said to come form Ponto (the Balck Sea area). Others have also claimed it, but those who claim it as theirs are all from the lost homelands (Asia Minor, Constantinople and Ponto). So I will leave this argument to others. It does give its origins away by its Turkish name.
It is usually made in the shape of a boat with the filling in the middle, but not covered. It is not a sweet, always savoury using cheese, meat, eggs, bastrouma, ham and other meats of the kind.
I have been taken to taverns in the outskirts of Athens in the Northern suburbs where it seems most of the best places are for this delicacy.
To finish of the argument of its origins it is often called Pontian Pizza.
Ingredients for pastry
1/2 kilo of plain flour
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of dry yeast
3/4 warm water
3 tablespoons sugar
Ingredients for filling
250 grams of kasseri (a mild Greek cheese can be found in Greek food outlets)
15 strips of bacon cut in strips
10 slices of salami cut in fine strips
For baking
2 tablespoons of butter for the oven dish
A little hot water
15 cubes of butter
Method for pastry
1. In the warm water add the sugar and the yeast, stir gently till sugar is melted, cover and allow to stand for 15 minutes
2. Sieve the flour with the salt in a mixing bowel
3. Create a hole in the centre of the flour and add the yeast mixture, the oil, and mix by hand till it all comes together and the pastry is not sticking to your hands
4. Cut the pastry up into 15 pieces and roll out into oval shape each
5. Add some of the filling in the centre of each pastry piece, wet the edges of the pastry with a little water and turn inwards leaving the filling exposed creating a boat like pita/bougatsa/peϊnirlί
1. Butter the pan
2. Lay out the peinirli side- by-side, but not touching each other and allow some space for the rising of the pastry
3. Cover and keep in a warm area for 1 hour so they can rise
4. Brush the top with water
5. Bake in 180C in a preheated oven for 30 minutes
6. When cooked take out and place a cube of butter on top as you serve them, always serve hot