For all of you who are confused about eyebrow shaping, this is for you.

I spoke to leading eyebrow artist, Sharon-Lee Clarke, who has waxed and tweezed celebrities including Princess Mary, Kylie Minogue, and Helena Christensen about how to keep your brows in top shape.

What is the eyebrow trend at present?

Thicker and darker – regardless of hair colour brows kept darker.

Should women tweeze their own brows, and what about above the brow?

Women should absolutely tweeze re-growth only once the best shape possible has been attained and they are simply following the line and taking hair that was taken prior. Almost always tweeze above the brow.

What is the biggest eyebrow mistake a woman can make and how do you correct this?

Over tweezing. In the meantime you can fill them in softly whilst growing them out. You can also stain or tint them (professionally) to give some sort of look and make growing them out easier to bear.

How should one tame unruly, curly brows- should you trim?

To tame curl in the brow, a snap and tear method is used with tweezers that shortens the curl but doesn’t blunt the tip of the hair.

Don’t trim as trimmed hair looks like trimmed hair. It makes the hair appear even thicker and coarser than it really is.

Should your brows be lighter or darker than your hair?

This applies differently to different people dependant on colouring and facial features.

What should you do if your eyebrows won’t grow back where they should?

Invest in lipocils (an advanced formula that stimulates growth and restores existing hair follicles for fuller brows).

We import them from Paris. They aren’t cheap but actually really do work.

Eyebrow shaping tips to suit different face shapes?

Round face:

The biggest crime for round faces is widening the gap between the eyebrows. It’s about elongating the brow, whether by keeping hair or filling in with pencils.

Oval face:

It’s all about the arch but it has to be in the right place.

The highest point of the arch should be out towards the temple, not in the centre and never in the inner half of the brow.

Heart-shaped face:

Length and thickness don’t matter so much with heart-shaped faces. Brows must be arched, again in the outer half.


Grooming tips

  •  Once you have the brow shape you love, ensure that you tend to
    them every 4 days to maintain shape. Invest in a good pair of stainless
    steel tweezers (either angled or pointed) like Rubis Slant Tweezer,
    $59.95, 1800 251 215. Sharp and precise, these are favoured by leading
    make-up artists and celebrities including Kim Kardashian.
  •  Use a brow brush to sweep brows in the right direction.
  • As
    a finishing touch, fill in brows with a brow powder for a soft look, or
    a soft brow pencil using short light strokes in the direction of
    growth. Try Glominerals gloBrow powder duos $37, 1800 664 455, or Eles
    brow blender pencil, $39.95, 1800 069 116. Avoid using cheap pencils or
    mascara to fill as they can look unnatural.
  •  For extra definition, finish with a brow gel. Try Glominerals gloBrow gel, $30 in clear, or tinted to cover stray greys.