You’ve been sporting a slimmer physique since my Big Fat Greek wedding. Tell us about this.

Up until 2004 I was having fertility treatment and that caused me to put on weight.

But the reason I got smaller is because of health issues. I had a blood sugar problem and I have to watch it because diabetes runs in my family.

What bothered me is all of a sudden producers are calling me asking to play roles that they didn’t see me playing before and designers asking me to wear their clothes.

But I stick to the people and designers I worked with before.

How bad is the pressure to be stick thin in Hollywood and what do you think of this?

There is a pressure to be thin in Hollywood but I just don’t respond to it.

What does your new diet and exercise program consist of? 

I don’t hire a trainer, I just learnt that if I eat something, then I will try to eat protein with it.

I can eat anything I want in moderation. I have a rule: never eat anything bigger than your thumb.

What are your favourite beauty products?

I wear a Korres lipstick, Chanel foundation, and La Mere face cream-which is expensive but really works!