Readers on Facebook responded to a number of our articles. Here’s a round-up of last week’s web words.

Why aren’t young people not going to the Fasolada Festival?

Petros Spilios Fasolada festival? I used to run whenever my mum made this awful dish!

Dora Argy If they have memories of traditions ingrained in them then they will never forget even if now they aren’t attending these sort of events. When I was 18 I wasn’t thrilled in attending these things either and now I am Greeker than any Greek. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s adults

Con Loizou Market it the right way and people will turn up.

Eirini Trajcevski Maybe if they still involved the youth that gave so much to the club they would probably get more of a turn out from younger generations.

George Kiriakidis Hang on a minute. In all fairness, at one point the older Florina Aristotelis gen were practically begging for the younger gen to step up to the plate and get involved. The invitation was not acted upon with comments of “not while some of them (the older gen) are there”. We can’t simply expect them to walk away. It would have been nice to see a gradual changing of the guard rather than a sudden coup. It’s never too late I say…

Pasquale Patrick Parente My opinion of the poor turnout (and quite an obvious one), it was held on the same weekend as the Lonsdale St Greek Festival (Antipodes).

Adam Edessa Put it on Facebook re.

Achilles Yiangoulli Call it ‘Diet fasolada’..or ‘Fasolada Lite’, and watch them come in droves!!!

Harris Despotellis Achilles Yiangoulli better yet, gluten free hahaha

Emanuel Skorpos This is a real challenge, many from the younger generation do not feel the need to attend these and many more events like these which maintain our culture and traditions. It is becoming much harder to keep them engaged and I fear that our culture and traditions are going to fade away unless we identify ways to keep them both engaged and stimulated.

Con Michaliadis Yes, it is a real challenge. Are the American Greeks doing it better? Check out what they are doing.
Manuel Gazecimeon George street festival grows from strength to strength. The only let down in the last three years is the weather was too hot for some of the oldies to handle.

Eva Dadiras We were a group of 18 , we had so much fun, the organises did a fantastic job.

Nick Psevdos Amalgamate all associations and create the Pan Hellenic Association that will invest in a modern venue, cultural programs and provide a history museum of each group. Just need some like minded individuals to begin the plan!

Mezza Dee I’d never heard of of the festival till several days ago. I think I saw it on the NK page? Perhaps the location also has something to do with the number of young participants. Greeks seem to congregate in Oakleigh Eaton Mall every day

Chris Kavadis Wow would hate to think of the city’s gas issues later that night Anastasia McVey.

Dimosthenis Manasis Ase mas. Those organisers only seek to exploit youth for their own endeavours… I’ve dealt with them first hand.

Cremation in Greece

Eleni Vella About time, people should have a choice between cremation or burial. Many years ago my Greek father (from Thessaloniki) requested to be cremated at the event of his death, knowing it was so taboo and controversial. But my mother is Australian born and we lived back and forth Thessaloniki and Melbourne so the idea was his ashes would be our visiting place wherever we were in the world, and he didn’t want us to be limited to visiting one cemetery. Unfortunately, he died suddenly some years after his request and we wanted to follow through with his wishes. At the time we could only get him cremated in Bulgaria as there were nothing in Greece to get it done. It cost us a lot of money and paperwork but we got his wishes fulfilled, so worth it. My family are thankful we have his ashes as none of us live in Thessaloniki nowadays. He always has some fresh flowers next to his urn.

Maria Sahas About time. Cemeteries are full and space for the deceased are limited. This should’ve happened years ago.

Melbourne, 2nd best city

Leanne Pilipczyk Obviously the people who do these surveys have never left their own home!

Aristea Petras No I don’t agree. Melbourne used to be a good city. But now there is too much violence with kids getting just a slap on the wrist from magistrates and also it is becoming too expensive.

Sophie Demertzidis Agree. The law is weak on juvenile crimes. Punish the parents, cut their benefits… Whatever it takes to stop them.

Anthoula Paraskeva Rubbish…I love Melbourne but the traffic …..uggghhh