Nikos Vertis’ song “Θέλω να με νιώσεις” (I Want You to Feel Me) is the Greek song that has officially reached over 100 million views on YouTube since being uploaded in 2014.

Born in Gorinchem, Netherlands the 42-year-old artist Nikos Vertis (Nikolaos Vertis Arvanitidis) whose family originates from Kavala has released five studio albums along with one CD single, and two special edition CD/DVD albums, to date and has visited Australia numerous times.

“I just love his presentation on stage. As for his songs, they are just so soothing. Every time I listen to him sing, his songs speak right into my heart,” says Greek Australian fan Konstantina who has been a fun of the popular artist since she was a young girl.

“He is not just an amazing artist but also the kind of person you would want to have as a friend. He is polite, approachable and very down to earth and Greek Australians love him,” adds the 30 year-old who met the artist back in 2015 whilst he was touring Australia.

“Nikos is an amazing talent a people’s person sings regarding love and human passion,” says Con Lazaris MC and TV host for GRTV AUS, who has worked with the artist in Australia.

Vertis also has a soft spot for Greek-Australians.

“The most amazing Greeks live in Australia and I love coming here and performing for them,” said the singer in an interview he gave after concluding his Australian tour in 2015.