PanMacedonian Association of Victoria (PAMV) President Andrew Ballis’ Letter to the Editor condemning violence by protesters at a rally he organised received a great deal of condemnation by readers. They were outraged by his opinion and there were even some threats to our newspaper for daring to publish his views. Here are some messages by our readers:

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Olga Vasilopoulos Members and supporters of neo-fascist Golden Dawn are no strangers to political violence; I’m shocked but not surprised.

Virginia Spiriadis What violence? Since when is democratic demonstration characterised as violence? Should we not talk, not complain, not disagree because it is considered as extreme and violent? With your ‘democratic’ principles we’d still be under the yolk of Turks because we’d need to be good and obedient serfs and express our objections while bowing on our knees so they wouldn’t call us leftist. Hey, why don’t you all go to greet the 8 million Greeks waiting in the corner… Anti-Greeks! (Translated)

Anastasios Papaioannou Such differences can only be solved with blood!

John Mantelis If Tsipras and his government did there jobs properly for the nation of Greece we wouldn’t be in this mess with Skopje.

Effie Parthimos How many were arrested?

Nick Zoukis Effie Parthimos not even one cause there was no violence. It’s just these leftists and commies trying to make our youth look (like the) bad ones again.

Eleni Theodor Papaz There were no arrests. This is typical of SYRIZA sympathisers here in Australia to gain brownie points, they are doing exactly the same in Greece .

Calvin Tickle Eleni Theodor Papaz, have you noticed that most SYRIZA supporters in Australia are the newcomers? And I ask myself. Why are they coming to Australia when they now have the ultimate leftist leader? Isn’t Greece now the Xanadu bordello country they have always dreamed of?

Eleni Theodor Papaz Calvin Tickle spot on mate, could not have said it better, over 600,000 left Greece and they have been replaced with all the illegals .

Calvin Tickle Eleni Theodor Papaz, and that’s why we should be careful of the ones that come as well. Not all of them are patriots. I’ve met many of them and they are nothing but trouble. I went out of my way to help many even had a couple staying at my parents house for nine months. Never again. As for the number of illegals it’s way over a million. Thousands cross the border every weekend and the clown of PM Zippo welcomes them all. Everything is for free for them and they receive a whole lot of benefits. And the Greeks get Jack.

Penny Kritikia Violence, I’m dying. From whom? The senior citizens holding banners. If you wanna see violence then I suggest you publish photos of your bosses in Hellas beating and arresting its own people, women, children and the elderly for attending Hellenic national events and protests!

Myrsini Bougoukas And I’m so sick of false journalism. Left opinions not Greek and not true or valid with this newspaper. We need to put them in place!!!

Andrew Antipas So this important patriotic issue attracts 70 people. Good on them for at least been honest in their beliefs and protesting. But where are the thousands of other Melbourne Greeks Patriots? Oakleigh to Malvern is only 15-20 mins away.

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