Our article about Anna Vissi’s tour to Australia and her agreement to reduce concert fees after threat to fill Rod Laver with homeless hecklers drew a lot of reader comments.

Harry Spirou I was at that concert and it was awesome. But seriously no Greek artist has ever filled an Australian stadium. What where they thinking.

Katerina Zerefos Von Pritt She was good, once, a long time ago…but her pathetic attitude and arrogance, particularly after her appearance in Eurovision in 2006 turned me right off.

Roula Angelopoulos Anna Vissi is an amazing artist, always was, always will be – she keeps re-inventing herself

Harry Spirou Roula Angelopoulos she made more than $200,000 from these mobs in 2002. She who laughs last, laughs the loudest. They can say whatever they like.

Roula Angelopoulos Yes, Michael Chugg lost money on that tour, but soon after he had Robbie Williams, and most likely made up for previous losses. It was an expensive production – 3-tiered stages, pyrotechnics, large crew… two Sydney shows, one normal arena style, the second a Sit Down Cabaret Show at the Sydney Entertainment Centre where all Seats on the floor were removed and replaced with large round tables with their own waiter and full 3-course meal, (plus coffee) silver cutlery and the long built catwalk in amongst it all! The Melbourne shows were unfortunate.

Mara Melisses This is a sad affair fueled by greed. This guy should’ve done his research, Vissi hasn’t been popular for a long time, and has displayed bad attitude in the past.

Roula Angelopoulos Mara Melisses this tour was a few months prior to Sydney Olympic Games.

Mara Melisses Roula, still doesn’t change the fact it’s all because of greed. Ponzi schemes are to fraud others for the sake of making someone on top, rich.

Roula Angelopoulos Mara Melisses yes agree, hate ponzi anything, but I don’t think Michael Chugg was aware of how his financial lender accrued his money.

Peter Skirlis Greek singers demand too much money to come to Australia. It’s a matter of time before Aussie Greeks stop seeing them here. They don’t need the whole of their crew to come out, what’s wrong with them using our crew? Is some of our crew not to their standards? Why pyrotechnics and 3-tiered stages? They don’t have that in Greece…Your own waiter for your table and silver cutlery? Please let’s go for gold cutlery… You need at least $1000 per couple if not more for this event.

Pipina Karvelis Peter Skirlis – and when in Athens or Thessaloniki during – June/July/August- and by some luck – Karas, Terzis, Pantazis, or even Remos is on show, tickets usually is 20 EURO, and a bottle of scotch or ouzo is 14 euro. Go figure!

John Rerakis Come to our Battle Of Crete Dance this year. $80 for a band from Crete. Actual musicians. 3 course meal with beer/wine all night… See local dance groups upholding beautiful traditions and remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Maria Taki As Kenny Rodgers once sang, “You gotta know when to fold them, know when to walk away….”