American rapper, songwriter and television personality, Cardi B has just released her new song ‘Press’ in which she refers to Greek NBA basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo.

In her lyrics, Cardi B, is heard singing “I’m a freak like Greek (Like Greek)” making a clear reference to the Milwaukee Bucks Star, who is known all around the world by the nickname “Greek freak”.

Admired for his athleticism and his personal story the 24-year-old, is making Greeks across the globe proud with his incredible talent, ball-handling abilities and impeccable character.

Born in Athens, the nearly 7ft-tall athlete, whose parents migrated to Greece from Laos, Nigeria, was given the nickname ‘Greek freak’ because he is Greek and he is doing things on the basketball court that people have never seen before.

Despite his success, Antetonkoumpo never forgets the country that raised him and talks about Greece with love, nostalgia and fondness.