Widow Viktoria Karida spoke on Greek national television about losing her Greek Australian husband John Macris, who was murdered in Voula, south of Athens. The interview was the first time that the model spoke about the murder that took place in the affluent coastal suburb last year.

During the interview with SKAI hostess Tatiana Stefanidou, Karida appeared heartbroken and said she has not yet come to terms with her partner’s death.

“I have kept his clothes and from time to time I wear them so that I can smell him on me. I dream of him and every night I leave a piece of dark chocolate next to our bed, as that was his favourite, and I still think he is with us,” she said.

The model, in tears throughout the whole interview, also said that she feels her husband Macris is always watching over their children although “they still can’t understand why their daddy is not coming back”.

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Karida explained how hard it is to “not break down”, stating that she knows that her husband would want her to stay strong for the kids.

When asked if she would move to Australia with her children, Karida said that she faces a dilemma about leaving Greece and moving closer to her in-laws. “There are times when I think I need to leave this house and leave behind the bad memories of the night Giannis was murdered but at the same time, I feel that this is our family home and I want to stay here because all of our memories are here. So I really don’t know what I will end up doing,” she said.