The famous Greek-Aussie co-founder of  Sabo Skirt, Thessy Kouzoukas, 29, shared a photo on Instagram only a few women would dare to make public.
Following her pregnancy and giving birth 10 months ago, the designer gained 23 kilos.

Both Thessy and her sister Yota have been very vocal about their health issues having to do with endometriosis and PCOS, making falling pregnant and giving birth harder.
Hormonal IVF treatments also took a toll on Thessy during her pregnancy.

Only two days before her wedding with her fiance who happens to be a famous personal trainer, set to take place on 4 July on Kythera island, Thessy shared candid before and after pics of herself with her 143,000 Instagram followers.

The fashion icon who has now dropped to 53 kilos has been working out six days a week and focusing on her diet.

“All my hard work, sweat and tears. this is result of 5 months of the @fitazfk app, and almost 2 months of the @fitazfk 8 week challenge,” Thessy said in a before-and-after post.

“I am getting married in 2 days and I am so happy that I’ve reached my goal of 53kgs. I’ve had a total of 2 cheat meals, many mornings of fighting with Georgio (fiance) begging him that we don’t have to run today but always end up smashing it.”

Photo: Instagram

“I know my body performed a miracle and I love myself for it,” Thessy enthused.

“In saying this, I have a wedding I have dreamt my whole life about and I don’t want to get to two months out and go on a crash diet. So I decided to do this the proper way. My main priority is being a mother but I found the time and dedication to exercise for 45 mins daily. It didn’t just fall off. With only 800 grams left to lose for my wedding day in 2 weeks. I am so proud of myself, I really am.”

The photo on the left is from when Thessy weighed 66 kilos.

“I’m so proud of the efforts I put in, the challenges I faced and the obstacles I overcame. I am so thankful for all of you who encourage me daily and even more to the girls who joined me for the last 8 weeks of my journey. I hope I inspired women and in particular mums who haven’t felt like themselves and needed the motivation to return to your normal state (or even fitter than before like I have become!) .. the sacrifice and discipline needed to achieve this is extremely challenging but the reward from the outcome is a feeling i’ll never forget. If you’re feeling uninspired, please know that it IS possible and the better version of yourself may be waiting around the corner if you’re prepared to put in the work. 👊🏽”