Greek tennis player Maria Sakkari told Sdna magazine that, despite success, she and young gun Stefanos Tsitsipas still have enemies in Greece.

She said: “They love us in Greece because we have a good image. Of course we have many enemies, because in Greece there is a bad mentality, but most of them love us. In every country it’s the same thing. People who do not do anything in their lives do not want to be better because they do not have success. They sit in front of a computer and they criticise or tell us bad things. They think we have to win every match and that’s not possible.”

She said that she did not want to speak further about the negative comments. “They are boring people! I do not want to speak about it now, when I will manage to find the right time to say what I think, I will. I will say what I have inside myself, but per now I will only say they hate us because we have success and they do not.”

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She states that she does not read the comments, but she does get bothered sometimes and though she does want to be number one, there is nothing wrong with being in the top 10 or 5.