Unfortunately, we are called again, 45 years onward, to support the Executive Coordinating Committee for Justice for Cyprus and take part in events of protest and remembrance for justice of our Cyprus. We hope and wish this will be the last time.

Our minds turn to the days of the hot summer of ’74 when the boot of Attila shattered the quiet waters of the Republic of Cyprus and ripped our small nation in two.

The tally? Hundreds of the dead, 900 to 1000 missing and thousands uprooted from their ancestral homes. Arrogantly, they took the route to home in our homeland.

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And the wrongdoing continues. Lately, Turkey has become all the more emboldened. Constantly intervening in our air space and calling for a share of the Cypriot continental shelf. It aggravates and endangers without any respect of international law.

That is why I invite all. Cypriots and Greeks, united, to show our mass presence at the protest and remembrance events by gathering at Victoria’s Parliament at 5pm on Friday and heading to the rally at 12.30pm on Sunday to sensitize public opinion.

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I am sure that our memory has moved into our consciousness and the community does not forget and continues to struggle.