The ‘Mazi’ project is a Palliative Care community education program funded for three years by the Department of Health and Human Services and powered by PRONIA.

The program aims to inform the Greek community about Palliative Care, especially carers of people who live with a chronic, life-limiting illness while raising awareness on issues related to the experience of death.

Its goal is to eventually help improve the quality of life of carers and loved ones living with incurable or chronic diseases as well as to inform other organisations and professionals.

On Monday 8 July ‘Mazi’, organised an information session at the Clayton Community Centre, in collaboration with Palliative Care South East.

The session explored Palliative Care options and supports for people living with life-limiting illnesses and their carers. The session outlined Pronia’s ‘Mazi’ program and supports available and described what is Palliative Care, who is eligible to receive it, when, costs, and settings.

Palliative Care South East provided a run down of the services available in the region including supports for carers, spiritual care and bereavement support.

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Participants received information on assessing their care needs, volunteer support, emotional support, interpreter services, advance Care planning, and linking to other services such as respite care, home support, centrelink, aged care packages and other supports.

As the caring role for a loved one can be physically, emotionally and financially draining, the session outlined the variety of supports offered through the Palliative Care team such as specialised nurses and practitioners, specialist doctors, counselors, social workers, occupational therapists, volunteers and others.

Meanwhile, bereavement support programs can assist carers and family members to cope with the significant changes they may experience following the death of their loved one.

PRONIA also organises monthly sessions to inform and educate the Greek community on a variety of topics aiming to enhance the well-being of participants and strengthen, support and assist carers to continue providing care to their loved ones living with life-limiting, chronic illnesses.

The next ‘Mazi’ session at Clayton Community Centre will be held on Monday 12 August at 10.30am – 12pm at the Monash Youth and Family Services Room (through the Courtyard in the middle of the complex). The topic is Pain Management and Medication Side-effects. The aim is to support Carers cope better when their loved ones experience side-effects as a result of treatments.

Everyone is welcomed to attend (even non-carers). The session provides an interpreter.

Contact PRONIA to RSVP as spots are limited.