My excitement that at last the rights of indigenous Australians for constitutional recognition as first people of Australia and a Voice in all matters affecting them, advisory as it may be, modestly but triumphantly announced by Minister Ken Wyatt, was soon turned to sadness and indeed anger.

For the Prime minister moved quickly to endorse the deniers of meaningful reconciliation that an authentic indigenous voice will not be part of any constitutional change. But it is this voice, the Uluru Statement from the heart that makes the difference between real and lasting reconciliation and the colonialist attitude of ‘we know best whats good for you’.

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I also looked forward to opening up a public discourse and political action, to see the end of another historical anachronism, that is the deletion of section 44 of the Constitution that divides Australian citizens in two categories, those who could stand for the Federal Parliament and those who cannot,those who can have their Australian Citizenship taken away and those who have it protected.

In an increasing multicultural country like ours these divisive positions are anything but helpful in fact anathema to social cohesion and nation building.

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George Zangalis