London-based blogger/influencer Adebola Sowemimo states she has experienced “racism at its finest” in Greece. The travel blogger was stunned when she was arrested for indecent exposure and though she had been acquitted of the charges, according to the tweet she posted on Saturday, she felt traumatised.

She claims that Greek authorities pushed her out of the Acropolis Museum for “breaching sexual decency” before arresting her at the Acropolis for flashing her body. She claims that the accusations are fabricated.

Ms Sowemimo states that she was screamed at and accused of lifting her skirt, but she states that this is “false testiment” and untrue.

“I went to the Acropolis in Athens today and I was pushed out of the museum because I was apparently wearing inappropriate clothing,” she stated on social media.

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“I was screamed at and pushed out of the building while being screamed at in Greek.

“Police were called and a false testament was made against me that I was lifting my skirt and flashing my body to the public. This is a LIE.”

Ms Sowewimo states that she was not offered a translator and was provoked and ridiculed by the Greek police.

Despite the incident, she felt “really uplifted” by the outpouring of support she had received online. And she added the #travellingwhileblack hashtag to her social media description of the incident.

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I went to the @acropolis in Athens today and I was pushed out of the musem because I was apparently wearing inappropriate clothing. This is what I wore

— Adebola| Travel & Lifestyle (@mybreakingviews) August 1, 2019