Known to the world as Princess Olympia of Greece, the 23-year-old may not have an official crown, but she definitely holds the crown of enviable jet-setter.

The 23-year-old was joined by her cousin Talita von Furstenberg, 20, soaking up the sun in Greece.

The daughters of Alexandra von Furstenberg, 46, and Marie-Chantal of Greece, 52, enjoyed their time partying, joined by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith’s granddaughter Ella.

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The cousins are known for their jet-setting life-style and are in the Aegean, having just come back from a family holiday in Japan.

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Olympia’s grandfather Constantine II was deposed as a royal in June 1973, however the family still spends time in Greece, visiting regularly including a recent family gathering in Greece in mid-July.

Olympia’s parents, former crown prince Pavlos and Marie-Chantal, are also in the Aegean, along with her siblings Constantine-Alexios (20 years), Achileas Andreas (18), Odysseas-Kimon (14) and Aristidis-Stavros (11).


Olympia’s siblings are also in the Aegean.


Talita von Furstenberg, relaxing in Greece.
Olympia is with Keith Richards’ granddaughter Ella, and they partied together with fashion designer Peter Dundas
Olympia and her uncle Nikolaos.