A year after the large wildfire that burned through the wider area of Marathonas and Mati in eastern Attica, another blaze came to awaken dark memories over the weekend.

A total of 146 firemen aboard 47 vehicles who were assisted by seven water-dropping aircraft and three helicopters run to the grasslands to set a fire that broke out on Saturday under control.

Even though the fire is contained, Attica deputy regional governor Petros Filippou told reporters that “strong winds are hindering the fire fighting efforts”, however, no residencies were at risk.


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Meanwhile, another fire that broke out at a summer camp in nearby Zoumberi beach was brought under control in the afternoon as all local summer camps were evacuated as a precaution.

Residents and tourists in Elafonisos, a very popular beach destination in the southern Peloponnese, also had a scare over the weekend as a fire on Saturday morning caused authorities to evacuate the camping site and a hotel.

Deputy regional governor of Lakonia, Adamandia Tzanetea, told ANA-MPA that 45 men on 10 vehicles, assisted by two firefighting aircraft and two helicopters managed to set the blaze under control and rescue a woman trapped in a cave.

The fire broke out at the municipal landfill, and spread due to strong winds in the area.


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