The story of Candy, a stray dog from Pyrgos, in the Peloponnese, has gone viral.

Candy was found several years ago as a stray pup by an animal welfare group. She was just one of the many pups dumped around Greece.

Though Candy was a friendly dog and had many attributes, nobody was found to adopt the stray who lived at a dog shelter for three years.

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In 2016, a Swiss nurse known as Sylvie visited the shelter and immediately fell in love with Candy. Having lost a dog a few months earlier, she decided to take Candy with her back to Switzerland, where she worked at a medical institution near Geneva.

The hospital where she works has a programme aimed at using dogs to help improve the physical and mental health of its patients, and Candy managed to pass the necessary tests to be included in the programme.

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Candy was immediately able to adapt to her new life.