The national football competitions around Australia are coming to an end, with the regular seasons in their final rounds and the playoffs just a few short weeks away.

In some areas, such as New South Wales, they have already begun. Unfortunately, last season’s champions, Sydney Olympic, will not be participating as they missed out on the fifth and final spot on the table that provides access to them.

When all was said and done, Abbas Saad’s side was on equal footing with Marconi, but their unfavourable goal difference saw them unable to defend their crown.

In South Australia, the worst has come to pass for West Adelaide who have been relegated to the NPL 2 division after being annihilated at home 0-4 by the NE Metrostars, with the visitors being awarded two penalty kicks before the end of the first half.

On the other hand, Adelaide Olympic were able to secure a position in the playoffs thanks to a last minute goal by the “usual suspect” Chris Pounenidis, escaping with a 3-3 draw against the Para Hills Knights (with Devereux scoring an impressive hat-trick in the span of nine minutes for the home side) and will continue on in the competition.

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Brisbane Olympic’s hopes are intact, despite their disappointing performance against the Strikers that saw them walking away with four goals on their backs (4-1).

Pengelly’s brace late in the first half gave the home side the psychological advantage, with Ben Cahn’s players appearing unable to come back into the game.

In the capital, Canberra Olympic have secured first place and the full advantage ahead of the playoffs after a 3-1 win against Gungahlin, as they begin their course to lift the trophy with a game against the Cooma Tigers.

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Result: v Joondalup (H) 1-2 (68′ Harding – 3′, 37′ Knowles)
Position in NPL WA: 2nd (20 mp, 36 pts)
Next opponents: Stirling Lions (A)

Result: v Para Hills Knights (A) 3-3 (68′, 72′, 77′ Devereux – 46′ Erba, 61′, 89′ Pounenidis)
Position in NPL SA: 4th (22 mp, 35 pts)
Next opponents: –

Result: v NE Metrostars (H) 0-4 (17′ Wooding, 20′ Dawber, 25′ pen., 45′ pen. Esposito, 60′ s.o. Barbiero)
Position in NPL SA: 11th (22 mp, 16 pts, relegated to NPL 2)
Next opponents: –

Result: v Brisbane Strikers (A) 4-1 (41′, 42′ Pengelly, 58′ McLean, 89′ Matcham – 74′ Dee)
Position in NPL QLD: 4th (26 mp, 57 pts)
Next opponents: Brisbane Roar U21 (H)

Result: v Gungahlin (H) 3-1 (22′ Colbertaldo, 30′ Grbesa, 48′ Barac – 55′ Angelosante)
Position in NPL CT: 1st (16 mp, 37 pts)
Next opponents: –