George Sevdalis would often say that he was overlooked as an influential member of the Fronditha Care founding team because he didn’t have the right credentials. He wasn’t a doctor, he wasn’t a lawyer, he wasn’t a professor.

He was in fact a carpenter, but his hard work and vision set him apart.

As a fierce campaigner for government funding and as the first treasurer of the organisation, he had an eagle eye for funds going walkabouts.

He knew the reputation of other Greek organisations that had lost the trust of the community by mismanaging funds.

He was never going to let that affect the reputation of Fronditha Care.

His campaigning and transparency helped shift community scepticism and stigma.

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George Sevdalis

Alongside the 14 volunteer members of the organisation, they persevered and delivered the Pronia facility in Clayton South that started the Fronditha Care legacy.

“Back in the 70s, I saw there was a need for our community’s elderly to be properly looked after,” he said. “I would see Greek seniors live out their days in the kafenio, stay until closing at 2am before trying to find any spot to sleep. I remember going to see an elderly man who was living in a storage room in a café on Lonsdale Street. Anna Matthews and I found out he hadn’t changed his underwear in 12 months. We knew we had to act, to make sure no one was left behind if their loved ones didn’t look after them.”

George was influential in seeing the organisation flourish, continually campaigned to get government funding and vigorously defended the culturally inclusive model of care that made the organisation unique. He helped hundreds of Greek seniors get the care they deserved and lifted a burden off their loved ones.

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No one was left behind, including himself. Recently, George made Fronditha Care his home during his hour of need. He had so much history to tell and was always seen sitting with his co-residents having a laugh and drinking his Greek coffee at St Albans’ Thalpori facility.

Fronditha Care thanks George for his unwavering support.