Pronia has managed to raise over $100,000 – $101,695.00 to be exact – in just two days through its annual radiothon through Melbourne’s 3XY radio station.

The fundraiser kicked off on Friday at 9.00 am, and lasted until Saturday at 9.00 pm, during which members of the community rallied behind the community service provider, helping Pronia to continue its good work.

Pronia has been serving the Greek community for 47 years, and continues to build on its services to those in need through programs for children and families, as well as the elderly and those with disabilities.

Pronia didn’t quite reach their goal of $150,000, but they certainly beat last year’s record of just short of $100,000.

“Every year, we are touched by the generosity and goodwill of the community,” said Pronia’s CEO Tina Douvos-Stathopoulos.

“Some of the most generous donors are second generation sons and daughters who have first-hand experience of our services through the help we provided to their parents.

“The more we receive in donations, the more we can give to the community, to people of all ages. This is a continuous cycle of goodwill which has sustained us for close to 50 years.”

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