Ivona Jovanovic, 27, died at Gold Coast University Hospital after she was shot in the chest while preparing for a night out at the house of her ex-boyfriend Christos Panagakos.

There was a group of five people at the house at Highland Park, who allegedly fled from the scene after calling an ambulance at 8.30pm on Sunday.

Mr Panagakos was arrested when he returned home early on Monday morning, but there was no suggestion that he was involved in the woman’s death and no charges have been laid.

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Police did not ruled out the possibility that she was shot by accident, however the licensed hand gun from which the shot was fired has yet to be found.

Detective Acting Superintendent Brendan Smith told the Courier Mail that the incident was a “clear example of where things go wrong”. He added that there was no suggestion that the incident was bikie-related though those who are involved have got links to club.

Police are calling for people in the house on the night of the shooting to come forward. “While they called the ambulance, there’s a lot of first-aid that could have been rendered at the time that may or may not have made a difference,” Superintendent Smith said.

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Tributes on social media flowed for the young woman following her death from media influencers and friends. One message was from Allaina Vader, the girlfriend of ex-Hells Angel bikie Ben Geppert. She wrote: “So sad to hear about your death. Absolutely horrific and I can’t believe it. Fly high angel.”