Firefighters are battling a wildfire that broke out at 11am on Sunday near the village of Keri on Zakynthos.

Two villages, Keri and Agalas, have been evacuated for precautionary reasons with a strong police force guarding the entrance to Keri.

Firefighting forces from all around Greece have joined the firefighting efforts in the area. Nine fire engines from the Peloponnese and firefighters on foot were ferried to the island while 30 fire engines with an 80-member crew and another 35 firemen on foot were deployed to the island along with a military transport aircraft from Thessaloniki.

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The blaze is burning a pine tree forest and latest information from the fire brigade reports on strong winds that are making it extremely difficult to bring the fire under control.

A wildfire is also in progress in Loutraki, in the Corinth prefecture, but according to the Fire Brigade there was optimism overnight, especially with prognostics showing that the winds are expected to subside on Monday (local time) when it is hoped the fire would be brought under control.

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