Good morning Melbourne,

I want to raise awareness about violence against women, I have had my fair share of attacks and bullying throughout my life and I want to express how these horrible experiences have changed and challenged my perception.

More recently, on 17 September 2019, between 9 and 10 am in the morning, I was sitting at one of my favourite spots in the vicinity of my home town; part of my suburb Mt Ridley, Mickleham on a mountain overlooking the City of Melbourne. On a good day where the pollution and fog does not take over, and you can actually see all the city buildings. When I sit there overlooking beyond the view I see a piece, a picture perfect, an image and I imagine how nice the world be if we could all work together help and respect each other, just get along, instead of causing problems and be terrorised by hatred.

I was only parked about 200 meters away from my car, I was sitting at a park bench drinking my coffee, minding my own business, day dreaming. Little did I know my day would turn into a nightmare. Someone, who I believe was stalking me, vandalised my car in broad day light.

Did I see that coming? I don’t know I wish I had though, because maybe I could of avoided another bad day. What I witnessed when I walked back to my car took away part of my dignity. I felt so powerless, coming back from my meditative relaxing state of mind my head was spaced out by the shock of it all – it was unbearable. I was stunned by the scene that I came across. As I walked towards my car the first thing I saw was CALL ME and a love heart scribbled on my driver’s side.

“OMG someone loves me,” I thought that was funny at first. I giggled as I tried to rub it off with my saliva on my finger. Then I saw tuna pieces scattered all over my front window and a can of tuna thrown under my car, I said to myself, “You’re disgusting.”

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I thought that was the end of the drama and it was over, only to walk around my car to the passenger side and witness another blow. The side panel was hit by someone who also dented the door, kicking it in and leaving their foot prints. My car was damaged beyond repair.

I looked around me. There were people at the car park by the. I was so paranoid I jumped in my car locked the door did not want to talk to anyone felt extremely ambushed, and then drove to the police station.

When I arrived at the police station, a police officer came outside to witness the cars damage. That’s when we found the flat tyre. I can’t believe that I drove to the police station with a slashed tyre that I hadn’t notice.  When we were looking at the damages of the car we noticed the lock was damaged too on the passenger side.

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I can’t help thinking it was a personal attack by a stalker following me; though I would like to think it was random. It is not the first time that, as a woman, I have felt threatened. After one attack from the next I don’t know what to think. I want it stopped and I want the person who did this to my car caught, arrested and dealt with I am sick and tired of being a victim of circumstance.

Panagiota Makaronis

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