Supermodel Bella Hadid, 23, is the most beautiful woman on earth, according to the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi – the measure of perfection used by the ancient Greeks.
Hadid’s facial proportions were found to be 94.35 per cent close to the Golden Ratio following a study conducted by London-based plastic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva using computerised mapping techniques.

The measurements were made using a proprietary face-mapping technology and the ancient Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty.

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The Golden Ratio was also used in antiquity as an aid for the creation of their masterpieces and was also used during the Renaissance.

The mathematical formula for beauty measures the length and the width of someone’s face and then the results are divided. The ideal result is roughly 1.6. Measurements are taken from the forehead hairline to the spot between the eyes and from the spot between the eyes and the bottom of the nose and from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin.

The more equal the numbers, the more beautiful the person is considered.

The symmetry and proportion of the face is also considered. The Golden Ratio requires the length of the ear to be equal to the length of the nose and the width of the eye to be equal to the distance between the eyes.

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