Archbishop of the Greek Australian Orthodox Church Makarios has supported the choice of Iakovos as the new Bishop for Queensland.

After last Wednesday night’s Liturgy of St James in South Melbourne, the Archbishop spoke to those in attendance about the importance of having someone who works so hard at such an important position, while also asking them to show him their love and support.

“As I said, he is a meek Bishop, uncomplicated, humble, and works quietly, without fanfare. He works quietly so that people are saved. He labours quietly to take people by the hand and guide them towards the Kingdom of God”, said Makarios.

“And from what I have realised and surmised, is that not only here, but in Sydney also where he used to be, people still say good things about the Bishop and I know that all here fell in love with him and continue to love him and particularly because today is an opportunity to farewell him, since in just a few days, His Grace will also take up his own post.”

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New Queensland Bishop Iakovos during the Liturgy at St James

Archbishop Makarios went on to imply that Iakovos was the ideal person for the position of Brisbane. “He (Iakovos) will also undertake to utilise the many gifts which God granted to him, and his strengths, in Queensland, in the seat of that Archdiocesan District, in Brisbane, which is a very blessed region, a very nice place, which is truly worthy of having a Bishop and especially a good Bishop, a worthy and blessed Bishop.”

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In closing, Makarios also expressed his wished for Iakovos’ name day that happened to coincide with the day of the liturgy. “What I need to say, for my part, is to express my joy that I am here among you and especially that I am here near to our good brother Iakovos, to take part in his name day celebrations.”