The woman convicted of killing George Teazis was sentenced to 28 years by Supreme Court judge Christopher Beal on Thursday.

According to a Herald Sun report, the former stripper and once talented figure skater, Robyn Lindholm, 46, showed little outward emotion when the sentence was passed.

Also known as the ‘Black Widow’, Lindholm is already serving a minimum 21-year sentence for the 2013 killing of another partner, Wayne Aymey.

Justice Beale added another nine years to that minimum for the killing of Mr Teazis, who was also known as George Templeton. Mr Teazis was 38 when he disappeared in 2005.

His body has not been found.

The judge ordered that 14 years of the 28-year term be served concurrently on the 25-year sentence issued for the earlier murder of Mr Amey.

“You will be 71 when you first become eligible for parole,” Justice Beale is reported to have told her.

Lindholm had admitted to killing Mr Amey, 54, but claimed she had nothing to do with Mr Teazis’ disappearance. Mr Teazis had been her partner for seven years and they were engaged to be married.

Lindholm was charged with Mr Teazis’ death in 2016.

Mr Teazis disappeared on 3 May, 2005. He drove from his home in a 1999 Holden Rodeo utility vehicle. Lindholm had told authorities at the time that Teazis had left between midnight and 1.30 am while she was out with a girlfriend.

She claimed that she received a text message at 2.40 am, which suggested he had a problem and needed to be picked up. He did not say where he was.

In December, 2015, Lindholm was convicted for the murder of Mr Amey, a Hawthorn gym owner. She was the police’s prime suspect when Mr Teazis went missing.

Police found that Mr Teazis was named as the leader of a gang of Greeks in Richmond. In 2003, he was arrested for possessing amphetamines, cultivating cannabis and for two counts of breaching an intervention order.

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In 2001, he was named in the inquest into the murder of Shari Davison, an exotic dancer and former colleague of Lindholm’s. Davison had disappeared in 1995. The prime suspect in Davison’s murder was Nick Kitsoukilias, a member of Teazis’ gang who had disappeared at the time of the inquest.

A number of witnesses had implicated Lindholm in arranging Davison’s disappearance.

Conflicting witness testimonies pointed to Lindholm as having organising Mr Teazis’ disappearance.

She had “confessed” to a number of friends that she had rid herself of Mr Teazis, although the details of how she did it varied.

Although police did not find his body, they found traces of his blood on the property the couple shared in Reservoir.

Prosecutor Ray Gibson QC told the jury that Mr Teazis’ killing was at Lindholm’s instigation.

“She was involved in his murder, whether or not she played a direct physical role in it.”

The court heard that she told another lover, Aaron Ardley, in 2013 that she had “organised some people to kill George Templeton,” said Mr Gibson.

“She said they got him at the house and put him on a boat. They dismembered him and threw him into the water,” Mr Gibson added.