A suspected ISIS militant has been stranded between Greece and Turkey after he was deported by Turkey and refused entry by Greece.

A video posted on Twitter by Jean-Charles Brisard, head of the Analysis for Terrorism Centre in Paris, showed the militant waving his hands in the buffer zone.

A Turkish official told the media that the man, a US citizen, was deported to Greece after he refused to go back to the US. When Greece refused entry, the man became stranded inside the buffer zone between the two countries and is now stuck there.

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Responding to questions about the man on Turkish television, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, ‘We don’t care whether or not he was trapped at the border. Whether or not they let him in is not our problem.”

Ahead of a visit to the US, Mr Erdogan told reporters that Turkey would continue to repatriate ISIS militants back to their home countries, even if these countries refused to take them back. It is unclear why it was thought Greece would take the US national.

The US State Department was aware of the reports that a US citizen was detained by Turkish authorities but could not comment further.

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