After three days of being detained in the militarised border zone between Greece and Turkey, a suspected ISIS member is being deported to the United States, reports Time Magazine.

“The necessary legal procedures to send the foreign national terrorist to the US have started after the US guaranteed to let him in the country and issue his travel documents,” said Turkey’s Interior Ministry in a statement issued on Thursday.

The man has been identified by Turkish media as Mohammad Darwis B, 39, an American citizen of Jordanian background, who was reportedly captured in Syria.

On Monday, he was deported by Ankara to Greece through a border gate, where he was refused entry by Greek Authorities. He later tried to enter Greece a second time, and received a stamp on his passport, banning him from ever entering the country.

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The man had reportedly requested to be deported to a “third country”, and his choice had been Greece.

The announcement regarding his deportation to the US follows a meeting in Washington between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his American counterpart Donald Trump.

“You should revise your stance towards Turkey, which at the moment holds so many ISIS members in prison and at the same time controls those in Syria,” Erdogan said on Tuesday, a message directed at Europe. “These gates will open and these ISIS members who have started to be sent to you will continue to be sent. Then you can take care of your own problem.”

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