South Korean audiences will be treated to beautiful scenes from Greece in the upcoming JTBC K-drama ‘Chocolate’, a follow-up to ‘My Country’.

The series tells the love story of Lee Kang, a cold and emotionally reserved neurosurgeon and Moon Cha Young, a fun-loving chef whose restaurant is located in Greece. The two reunite in a hospice and help heal each other’s wounds using cuisine.

Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won, stars of the series, went to Greece to shoot the drama. They both raved about the great time they had.

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“Greece was the first filming location for ‘Chocolate.’ It’s where Moon Cha Young’s restaurant is located, and with the actors’ visuals and the scenery of Greece, we shot some beautiful scenes. You will feel healing through the emotional and warm drama ‘Chocolate.’ The first episode will be a feast for your eyes and ears, so please look forward to it,” said a source from the film crew.

The series airs on 29 November.