John Aniston, the 86 year-old father of Jennifer, is soon to be out of a job as his contract with Days of Our Lives, the long-running US day-time soapie has not been renewed. And speculation is rife that the show which was launched by NBC in 1965 is to face the axe in 2020.

Mr Aniston (born Yannis Anastassakis, in Crete), first appeared on the show in 1969. He returned to the series in 1985 to play Greek mobster Victor Kiriakis, a character that has been part of his life for the past 34 years.

Other actors on the show also had their contracts terminated, says, inlcuding Kristian Alfonso, Nadja Bjorlin, Mary Bet Evans and Deidre Hall.

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TVLine, which first reported the news, said that enough episodes had been filmed to keep airing the show until next year. If the green light for a 56th series is given, new contracts and deals will have to be made.

The day-time soap opera genre has been in decline in recent years and although there has been no formal announcement about Days of Our Lives, the signs are that the show’s days are done.