Victor Borg AM, Barrister, Chairman Maltese Community Council of Victoria, former Chairman of the Ethnic Communities Council, and author of significant policy documents died last week after a long illness.

Victor Borg was great, not in power which he wielded, great not in influence which he had, great not in ambition which he surpassed, but great as an advocate for the migrants and ethnic communities.

Between 1991 and 1997 Victor Borg was Chairman of the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria ECCV. He ensured that the ECCV was at the forefront of national and state based discussions on multiculturalism and service delivery. His intellect was at equal measure with his charm as well as his oft-expressed wrath at any injustice.

Victor was bipartisan in the application of the ECCV’s charter. It mattered not whether a politician was a conservative or a labor, they often wielded to Victor’s advocacy, especially after gritting his teeth in annoyance.

Born in Gzira, Malta, Borg’s family immigrated to Australia in 1955 when he was aged 14. Educated at St Joseph’s College, and the Lyceum College, Malta, and at the Marcelline and Taylors Colleges in Melbourne, he graduated Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) from the University of Melbourne (1963), and was admitted to practice as Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria (1964). He pursued post-graduate studies in Law in London (1965-1966) and graduated as Master of Laws (LL.M) from the University of London, 1966.

His commitment to the community ensured him a number of honorary positions such as Honorary Consul for Republic of Malta; President of Maltese Community Council of Victoria Inc.; Chairperson, Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria; Member of the Victorian Law Foundation; Member of Chief Justices Advisory Committee on Ethnic Issues (Family Court) and many more.

He was involved in submissions and appearances at Senate Committees such as, the Needs of Ethnic Aged, Citizenship and Workplace Relations Bill 1996, as well as Federal Ministerial Consultations on Migrant Intake programs

Victor Borg authored and co-authored number of papers such as: “Migrants and the Criminal Justice System”; “Informed Consent – in relation to medical treatment of Non-English Speaking Background – The Right To Know”, and more.

Borg mentored Greek community leader, former-ECCV Chairperson, former, Victorian Multicultural Commission Chair, and former Fronditha CEO, George Lekakis; he worked shoulder to shoulder with Stefan Romaniw OAM, the Former chairperson of the Victorian Multicultural Commission and Multicultural Arts Victoria, and Hass Dellal AO director of the Australian Multicultural Foundation and Chairman of the SBS. Victor Borg mentored Hakan Akyol as CEO of the ECCV, and now Director of the Victorian Multicultural Commission. Victor worked closely with Maltese Australian peer, close friend and former Labor politician Edward “Eddie” Micallef, who is also a passionate advocate for justice and a former chairperson of the ECCV.

Victor Borg leaves behind a loving wife, Terry and three successful children Georgina, Laura and Ben.