A Cyprus judge has ruled against a young British woman accused of fabricating a story about being gang raped.

The young woman, 19, said in July that she had been raped in a hotel room at Agia Napa by a group of up to 12 Israeli teenage boys. Later, she retracted her story, and the teenage boys were allowed to return to their homes in Israel with footage showing them popping champagne at the airport while chanting “the Brit is a whore”.

Cypriot police at the time had claimed she had fabricated the story because she felt humiliated after realising that she had been filmed having sex with one of the Israeli boys.

The young girl’s British and Cypriot lawyers argued that the teenager was dealing with trauma and had made the retraction statement after being questioned for eight hours by police without a translator, lawyer or family member present.

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Charged with causing public mischief after allegedly making false claims, the girl stood trial in a court in Paralimni. She pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The teenage girl received a blow after Judge Michalis Papathanasiou ruled against her, stating that the police acted correctly. The retraction statement of 28 July was used as evidence. The judge said that the teenager’s account of the rape had contradictions and he dismissed evidence from her defence lawyers as well as a British psychologist who said the girl was suffering from PTSD. A language expert from Manchester University showed how the retraction letter was penned in broken English that could not have been written by a native English speaker with statements such as “I did sexual intercourse with them.”

Following the retraction, she spent a month in a Cyprus prison.

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In court, the young girl was obviously agitated, scratching her hand manically until she drew blood. A conviction could see the girl fined up to €1,700. The trial continues. A gofundme.com crowdfunding page has been set up by the family to help the girl pay for legal fees and  more than £44,000 has been pledged.