Tasos Gerantidis, 8, a third-grader from Pella, a region in Macedonia, has managed to stun even experts with an IQ of 148.5.

The young boy has expertise in mathematical calculations which have impressed experts.

The young boy’s father, Andreas Gerantidis, told the Athens Macedonian News Agency that his son has always been interested in mathematics.

“His aptitude for maths is innate and comes from within him,” Mr Gerantidis said. “He does everything by himself. He hadn’t even been taught the multiplication table and he was already solving complex calculations in his head.”

The young boy doesn’t sleep a lot. “He stays up late because his brain can’t rest, we were told.”

Considered too young to take an IQ tests, the parents agreed to the test after being urged by his teachers.

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Neuropsychologist Dr Anastasia Christodoulou, who was in charge of the procedure, said the young boy was a “charismatic child” managing to score an astonishing 148.5 points with the highest being 150. Even experts are impressed with his mathematical reasoning, visual/spatial perception and processing speed when it comes to mathematical equations.

“According to the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-V) test, Tasos is a very charismatic kid, and usually charismatic kids like him are about 1 per cent of the world population,” Dr Christodoulou told AMNA.

His father says that “in his class Tasos is a little bored, because they are doing things he already knows”. In Greece, there are no special classes for advanced children or infrastructure to cater to him.

As a result, his parents decided to migrate to Germany so that hteir son will be able to attend an advanced student program with another three children.

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“We are told that this year he can start in the third grade of elementary school and finish the fifth or sixth grades by the end of the school year,” Mr Gerantidis said. “We have already found jobs, my wife is already there and I will be leaving with the kids early in the year, after the Christmas holidays. We want to do what is best for our children.”