Thrace’s capital, Alexandroupoulis, was chosen this Christmas as the 11th destination for Athens International Airport’s programme: Fly me to the Moon – Sounds Greek to Me!

The programme, which is running to 24 December will include examples of the festive activities celebrated in the region, as well as its cuisine.

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Pourpouris, in his Dionysus’s costume will be be present to protect visitors from the winter cold and evil, while Kortopoula, a symbol of fertility, representing the eventual arrival of spring, will also be there to greet travellers at the airport as part of a unique festive, singing and dancing experience.

Cultural associations from the Thracian capital will be leading line dances and will be dressed in traditional costumes and sing Christmas carols.

Thanks to Virtual Reality technology, airport visitors will enjoy virtual views of Alexanadroupolis, its lighthouse and take a virtual ride on a boat along the Evros Delta.

Travellers will also have a chance to sample sample some of the delicacies from the region.