A survey has shown that a small percentage of Europeans have used cannabis plant products for their medicinal and stress-relief properties, despite the fact that many are aware that cannabis products are legally used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
The Europe wide survey by New Frontier Data showed that 56 percent of consumers were aware of the alternative legal uses of the plant.

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Only 16 percent of survey participants had actually tried cannabis-based products and of these, 58 percent had only tried the products in the last six months. Seventy four percent said they had a positive response to using the products.
Prohibition Partners, a consulting group on the international cannabis market, said that the potential for the growth of the industry in Europe was big. It expected the cannabis industry to become biggest legitemate market in Europe within five years. The group had said in a recent report that the industry could help the economic recovery of countries such as Greece.

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