An expert has criticised the way in which the investigation into the alleged ‘gang rape’ of the British teenager at an Ayia Napa hotel in Cyprus was handled.

Forensic pathologist Dr Marios Matsakis, 65, said that the young woman could have been drugged before the alleged attack took place.

“It is possible they tested the wrong sample, or she had been given something without her knowing,” he said.

The expert witness said that failure to properly examine the evidence against the 12 Israeli youth made him “ashamed as a Cypriot”.

The British woman, 19, was 18 years of age in July 2019, when she was filmed having consensual sex with one member of the group. Mr Matsakis said that it is a possibility that she had been drugged. “It is another aspect which was not fully explored,” he said.

The woman said one of the youths knelt on her shoulders to pin her down.

Afterwards, she was found guilty of lying about the incident and could be jailed for a year when sentenced in Cyprus on Tuesday.

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Dr Matsakis said there was a “miscarriage of justice” which was partly due to judge Michalis Papathanasiou who “excluded rape right from the start”.

The expert witness launched an attack against the “woman hating” judge, who he said was “aggressive” and “shouting at the girl”.

“My impression is he hates women,” Dr Matsakis said.

In another twist to the case, Israeli Yona Golub, 18, who was accused of taking part in the alleged rape said he intends to sue the British teenager for compensation after he had been held in custody for eight days. He said he was not in the room at the time of the alleged attack.

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