Courtney Herron’s body was found by dog walkers eight months ago at Royal Park in Parkville.

The Greek mother of the 25-year-old woman had opened up to the press, however her shattered father had not spoken up about the tragedy until his recent interview with The Herald Sun.

“Words can’t describe how bad it is,” he said. “There’s nothing to describe it. There’s always this feeling. A feeling of that we’ll never see her again. It’s the ever-present pain.”

The young girl had been couch surfing in the weeks preceding her death, while also struggling with drug and mental health issues.

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Homeless man Henry Hammon had pleaded not guilty to her murder.

On Tuesday, Mr Herron came face-to-face with Henry Hammond, his daughter’s accused killer.

“I know that Courtney would want to see justice done on what happened to her,” Mr Herron said prior to the courtcase. “(But) whatever may happen (in court), it just doesn’t bring her back. It’s like a wound that we have the dressing ripped off every time.”

Mr Herron would like to see the memory of Courtney preserved. “She died unnecessarily. She had the world at her feet,” he said.

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