To start the week, faithful of the Greek Orthodox church in Greece and across the diaspora celebrated Epiphany Day.

As is tradition, Blessing of the Water ceremonies took place, with the throwing of the cross tradition being observed at beaches and pools – but one priest in Messinia, Greece has stood out from the crowd with his creative approach.

The Greek Orthodox priest from the municipality of Trifylia was captured on video using a fishing rod to fling the cross into the Gulf of Kyparissia from the sand.

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Surrounded by rugged up parishioners, the video then shows a pious man who braves the cold waters to dive in and find the cross.

While viewers have been divided, with some finding it hilarious and others just shaking their head at the sight, it does appear to be for practical reasons.

In the absence of a pier or boat, it may have been difficult to throw the cross into the deep waters by hand.

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