The teary koala

The bushfire crisis has caused trauma to children in Australia, however youngsters around the world also feel affected by the tragedy.

Little Electra Skamago, who lives in Athens, used art to express her frustration. She painted a koala after her teacher talked about the plight of animals in Australia during an art workshop.

“She added tears [to the painting] because she was saddened by all she had heard from her teacher about the animals,” said Konstantina Xythali, her mother.

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Haunting Lemnos Square

Covered in smoky haze from the bushfires, Lemnos Square at Albert Park, Melbourne, had a haunting feel to it on Monday night when Athanasios Bregannis snapped photos from the area.

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George Leondas enjoyed the article of the 80-year-old who made the parachute jump. “That brought memories of my first parachute jump from a balloon 73 years ago,” he wrote. We asked him to share a photo.

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