Greek Parliament will vote on several bills in January, including those related to the rights of British residents in Greece post-Brexit and a new proposal for the distribution of MP seats.

Greek Parliament President Kostas Tassoulas outlined the agenda during a meeting with journalists on Tuesday.

Bills coming up include the following:
– Regulations for British residents and their rights after Brexit, by the Foreign Ministry will be voted on Friday, 17 January;
– Distribution of seats for MPs following elections, by the Interior Ministry will be voted on 22-23 January; to be tabled at committee level as of 15 January. During this time, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will address the plenary, after which he will directly fly to Davos for the World Economic Forum;
– Founding of the national authority for higher education will be presented by the Education Ministry from 23-24 January;
– The Greece-US defence agreement will be introduced to the relevant committee on 21 January for discussion.

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Other draft bills expected to reach Parliament in January include a discussion on the maximum 2,000-euro bonus granted for newborns; an Infrastructure Ministry bill for hydroports; an Agricultural Ministry bill on agricultural cooperatives; and a Citizen Protection Ministry for the restructuring of Civil Protection.