Michael Alexander Philippou has faced court following a stunt for his popular RackaRacka YouTube channel where he drove a car filled with water to a local bottle shop.

The Adelaide prankster appeared before Christies Beach Magistrates Corut on Wednesday following various driving offences he committed while pulling off the prank including driving in a reckless or dangerous manner, driving an unregistered vehicle and failing to wear a seatbelt.

He appeared in court surrounded by supporters and joked with them, while at one point pretending to get stuck in a door.

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The ‘scuba diving’ video was posted in January 2019 during an Adelaide heatwave and shows Mr Philippou driving with Jackson Doherty while wearing breathing apparatus.

The two pull up to a bottle shop where the men order beers and then drink them while submerged. The brothers claimed the stunt involved the “world’s first underwater car”. On the video, the twins said they designed the car so that it could drive while full of water.

Joseph Henderson, Mr Philippou’s lawyer, managed to overturn a ban that prevented Mr Philippou from travelling interstate or overseas as part of his bail conditions. With the condition overturned, Mr Philippou took advantage of the ban by travelling to Melbourne on Wednesday night.

He will face court again next month.

The video is still on Youtube: