A refreshing craft beer, introduced only a few months ago in Melbourne, has been received with enthusiasm, consumed much quicker than anticipated in the pubs and liquor stores around town. The brewers behind this new venture called Fall & Rise Brewing are two friends, two young residents of Greek background, who decided to share their love of good quality beer by creating one.

Petros Gyftopoulos, a chemical engineer with a passion for good quality beer, met with brewer, Yiannis Psimoulis, and uniting their efforts, they launched ‘Rise’, their first beer, on the Australian market.

“The beer we created is inspired by the European trends. We try to bring together classical beer recipes with new techniques to add an interesting ‘twist’, Petros told Neos Kosmos. “For example we add hops at the end of the brewing process, a technique called dry hopping. This has resulted in the creation of our first recipe, the Hoppy Kolsch, which is quite aromatic with a taste of pineapple, and no bitterness at all. It is ideal for the summer and hot weather”.

“Our first beer is called Rise, and the second one we are now preparing is an Irish stout which will be launched on 17 March, to coincide with St Patrick’s Day. We have named it Dorchae which means ‘darkness’ in Irish.”

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Yiannis Psimoulis and Petros Gyftopoulos are the brewers behind the new venture called “Fall & Rise Brewing”. Photo: Supplied

Both of them share a love of mythology and comics, and therefore their venture in brewing is accompanied with storytelling and the creation of their own special mythological figure. The green-bearded angel featuring on their logo is the central figure in their own myth, a story revolving around the…’beer’ of the gods. Every beer they launch will follow his story, as they visit beer trends around Europe for inspiration.

“That’s how it all started with the name, but we quickly realised that Fall & Rise describes our own venture too. It signifies the start of our adventures and the difficulties we met as we launched our own business. ‘Fall & Rise’ describes our morale, our confidence and drive. And how we need to come out stronger from every difficulty we encounter. We love what we do and we won’t stop trying”.

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Fall & Rise beers can be found in many liquor shops and pubs in Melbourne. Amongst them are The Toff in Town, Bar Josephine, Grape & Grain, but also in Sydney at The Bucket Boys and in Canberra at Falhal and Page Bottle. For more information follow fallandrisebrewing on Instagram or email petros@fallandrisebrewing.com.au.