Award-winning chef Andreas Mavrommatis made a name for himself in France thanks to the inspired delicacies of Greece and Cyprus served at Les Mavrommatis, the first Michelin-starred Greek restaurant outside Greece.

The Greek edition of his cookbook, titled ’45 Recipes from Greece, Made with Love’, is now available. Published by Gastronomy Essentials, the recipes share the authentic flavours of Greece and Cyprus, and inspire readers to try delicacies which put Greek cuisine on the map of world gastronomy.

The recipes are filled with flavours and aromas of Greek dishes from mainland Greece, the Aegean islands, Crete and the mountains of Cyprus.

Dishes are inspired by Mavrommatis’ own roots, and through the book the great chef pays homage to his mother’s kitchen and family dinners.

Readers are encouraged to use Greek and local produce to make dishes fused with French cooking techniques. Core Greek staples filled with Mediterranean flavours are made sophisticated thanks to twists and Parisian flare.

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Mavrommatis first found himself in Paris in October for studies not related to food. Working part-time at Greek restaurants to make a living, Mavrommatis learnt about the culinary art and he and his brother, Evagoras, opened their first restaurant in 1981 while still students.

Brothers Andreas, Evagoras and Dionysios still run the popular restaurant chain, Maison Mavrommatis, with four restaurants in Paris, one in Cyprus and nine Greek and Cypriot specialty food shops in Paris, Nice and Marseille.

The book allows others to learn the popular recipes and signature dishes created by Andreas Mavrommatis, who was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal of French Cooks in 2018. Dishes shared include lentil soup with manouri, roasted quail in vine leaves with bulgur and pistachio nuts, pork cheeks with quince and retsina, roasted halloumi, moussaka and gazpacho with strawberries and tomatoes.

The book includes a prologue  by Greek-French filmmaker Costa-Gavras who writes that the recipes come from “all sources that fed him, ‘sans jamais assouvir sa faim’ (without ever raising hunger).”

Presenter Nick Aliagas also writes in the preface. “Andreas Mavrommatis, an alchemist who accurately transfers our emotions to his dishes, draws his inspiration from the purity of olive oil, the velvety texture of a red wine, the bittersweet oregano,” he writes. “This man is a poet and his recipes will thank you in a thousand ways. Bon appetit!”

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Mavrommatis’ book is available online.